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Bruxa is a digital illustration project that tackles different facets of the female monstrous, through the lenses of fear and the unconscious. This is part of a multimedia project that investigates the female identity and the witch persona in Portugal and Brazil, raising questions related to ancestry, colonisation and the deviant.

This project has been started in partnership with the British collaborative Sibling Collab. To read the whole publication developed for their open call, click here.

O GIF “Bruxa” apresenta uma mulher com uma mariposa cobrindo o seu rosto. Pode ser apresentado em qualquer tablet ou tela padrão, com o reprodutor de imagem ou vídeo embutido no sistema, ou software externo como VLC. Se reproduzido em formato de vídeo, deve ser configurado para tocar em loop infinito.


Realising how women have been othered as a group has brought me to question how we are not only seen as the deviant, but how we are also looking at ourselves through that lens. Being gazed at is so rooted in us that we sometimes don’t even realise it.

I want to reclaim these lenses. To be subject and not object. I want to explore not how we are monstrous through the eye of the norm, but to explore our own monstrosity, our inner fears, our deepest thoughts, our subjectivity.

This individuality of the subject is, I must emphasise, also very connected to our identity as a group. What are the consequences of being preceded by generations and generations of being othered? How has being objectified for thousands of years affected us still?

symmetry I.gif
sleep paralysis.GIF
symmetry II.PNG

Belonging to a long line of women who have been undermined, harassed, dehumanised and objectified, I am left wondering how this history affects who I am - and who we are. Does this history leave us with traumas that we perhaps face only in our unconscious states? ​

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