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I am an independent artist based in Lisbon.

My multimedia work started with Daily Monstrosities, in 2016, which became my graduation project in Visual Arts. It started as an illustration series, of monsters engaged in routine activities, published daily on Facebook for a month.

With this project, some stores, studios and night houses started inviting me to create interventions and add monsters to their spaces, and soon I decided to bring these to the street as well - I found in social media and in the streets a way to make my art accessible and part of people's day-to-day.

In 2018, I took part in an artistic residency in Buenos Aires, where I started exploring the connections between monstrous and feminine in art. This research has brought me to Lisbon to take my master's degree, where I developed the project Sélvatica (roughly translated to savage female).

Throughout the years, I have taken courses in storyboard, screenplay and animation, and developed many projects on my own and alongside other artists. My journey as an animator and director is linked mainly to music clips, which I have always been in love with.

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